Celebrated muralist and aesthetician, Eric B. Ricks arrived to a red carpet welcome at the dedication of his most recent commissioned mural in Washington, DC commemorating the life and legacy of Dr. Maya Angelou, the namesake of the public charter school this stunning public art structure adorns. 

Ricks invested 13 days and roughly 156 hours conceptualizing and completing the colorful mural, one of seven selected for this year’s Murals DC project presented by DC’s Department of Public Works (DPW). The process was captured on WJLA, the local ABC affiliate for the greater Washington DC area. 

Sketch of Maya Angelou Mural

“I was blown away when I arrived at Maya Angelou Public Charter School, it was one of the most memorable events recognizing my work to date, recalls Ricks. “The joy and gratitude from the leadership team and community at large fuels me to do more.” 

Perfectly positioned along the school’s front entrance, the mural captures the beauty and spirit of the northeast community — so much so that Washingtonian Magazine featured Ricks in its photo of the day series in October. Learn more about Eric Rick’s work and how you can bring some of it home on his website. And follow him on Instagram, he shares a lot of his creative and behind the scene experiences. 

The coloring process for the Maya Angelou mural

Digital Asset  | Video highlight of dedication celebration at Maya Angelou Public Charter School, produced by Aaron Jackson — CCM Associate Producer.

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